Frequently Asked Questions :


Our philosophy at Chunky Monkey Academy is to give children a feeling of security And safety so they can gain a feeling of independence and confidence through programs that offer age-appropriate learning and playing.

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  • Where are you located?
    •   Chunky Monkey Academy is located in 21 road 263 Ma’adi, Cairo, Egypt infront   of the satellite a few minutes drive from El-Nasr st.
  • What are your opening hours?
    • Our regular day begins at 8:00 am but children are welcome to arrive at whichever time suits you. Chunky Monkey Academy closes at 5:00.
  • Can we visit and look around?
    • We will be happy to show you around. You can arrange a visit or just walk in. Bring your child along so both you and your child can get a feel for the Academy.
  • How do I register?
    • We prefer all registrations to be made in person at the Academy and we also like to meet your child at the time of registration. If this is not possible please email us your completed registration forms and we look forward to meeting you and your child very soon.
  • Is your staff qualified?
    • Yes, our staff are employed on the basis that they are qualified to work with children. For more details about Staffing and Qualifications, please check the staff link.
  • Do the children go on outings?
    • Yes, the children very much enjoy their outings weekly to places with lots of fun.
  • If my child is unwell are they allowed to attend the Academy?
    • We have a strict illness and infection policy with periods of exclusion for contagious infections. As each child is different so too are their health needs, and all children’s health status is closely monitored.  
  • Do you prepare and cook your own food?
    • Yes each day a most nutritious breakfast, snack, and lunch is prepared fresh for all the children Further information is available on our Website.
  • Do you provide transport?
    • We are currently providing transport, however, Chunky Monkey Academy has extended hours with the day starting at 8.00 am and finishing at 5:00 pm which provides more choices for drop off and pick up times.  
  • What if we want to celebrate our child’s birthday with his or her classmates?
    •   At Chunky Monkey Academy, we understand that birthdays are big events, especially when you’ve only had a few! For this reason, if your child would like to share his/her special day with us, we would be more than happy to include a special treat from your home for our snack. Please let your child’s teacher know, so we can be sure to include the treat in our snack schedule. Due to our busy schedule, and the desire for each child to receive equal treatment, we cannot accommodate a “party” for your child. You are, however, more than welcome to drop invitations for your own party in the folders of your child’s friends. Thank you for understanding our position.
  • What if our child needs medicine?
    •   We will give your child prescription medicine only according to your written and signed instructions. All medicine must be in the original container with your child's full name on it. Please do not ask us to give more than the prescribed dosage, as this is impossible as well as illegal. Appropriate non-prescription medicine will be given for a limited time only (3 days) and never on an "as needed" basis. The Academy cannot give any medicine, including aspirin, without your signed authorization. Please check your child’s over-the-counter medication to be sure it has not expired and is age-appropriate for your child, as we can only administer medication according to the original label. PLEASE REMEMBER… We are not doctors or nurses; therefore, it is understood that you alone are responsible for the medication needs of your children.

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