If  you require  your child to travel on the school bus, please ensure that you are able to arrive at the allocated bus stop in your area.

Prior to acceptance on our buses, parents must read and sign in acceptance of our transport policies. Information on fees is available from Reception on request.

Service Provided

# Bus Drivers are trained and a Bus Monitor will always be present on the bus with the children.

# The bus contains a First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher and all seats have a lap belt fitted.

# Parents must provide a booster seat for their child to use whilst traveling on the school bus.

# The Bus Monitor will hand your child to you in person.

# Your child will only be handed over to the designated adult for collection.

# The Bus Monitor will make a courtesy call to parents when the bus is 5 minutes away from the designated stop.

# Drivers need Principal approval before they can transgress from their designated route.

Communication between parents and the school is of even more importance for bus children. Parents must ensure they check their child’s school bag each day and their child’s Home School Book. Any urgent information will be passed to the Teacher through Reception. Teachers and Teaching Assistants will not take calls during class time.