Language Art Program

Language Art Program:

The emphasis of our Language Arts Program is based on writing and reading and is enriched with activities such as active listening, public speaking, singing, reciting poetry, rhyming. Children develop their public speaking skills by participating in show and tell and storytelling. Activities such as the metal insets help to prepare the hand for writing and the sand paper letters are used to introduce letter formation. The movable alphabet gives the child the opportunity to see that the sounds have symbols and symbols combine to make words. They learn to read after they have learned how to compose their own words using moveable alphabet.
We also have incorporated picture books and visual aids, to enhance children’s learning opportunities.

Language Arts Manual
Through the use of a multitude of activities, a child first learns his phonetic sounds, phonetic reading and writing, irregular or sight words, phonograms and blends, which leads to fluent (total) reading. We also document journal keeping, creative writing, whole language and poetry.

Blackline Masters
An array of Language Arts blackline masters, including the pink, blue and yellow materials, complement the Language Arts curriculum. View a Sample Blackline Master.

 Language Arts Center promotes:
-    Vocabulary growth
-    Listening skills
-    Reading readiness skills
-    Oral language skills
-    Interest in and respect for books
-    Appreciation of good literature
-    Imagination

-   Increased attention span

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