We have the effective teaching materials for teachers to use. This is the part in which the teacher’s creativity is most visible and most important. Children like to see all different kinds of visuals: posters, flashcards, pictures, videos, picture books, or picture dictionaries for children etc.

The best is to combine hand-made materials with factory manufactured materials. Children like to be engaged in practical activities and participate in making things like Christmas postcards or paper airplanes, ships, etc.

Still, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time for the little ones to make things, therefore, the method of practical works is more appropriate for seasonal, festivity and birthday themes. As a parent or teacher, you will notice that children tend to converse and make funny jokes in their mother tongue while making things, so be careful not to waste time forgetting that you are in the middle of an English class. Methods of drawing and conversation are very effective; we teach new vocabulary by showing pictures, flashcards or other visuals, by talking about given topics (try to use English as much as possible) and the children are learning by listening, looking at pictures, drawing, coloring and eventually talking.


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