Opportunities for math exploration occur throughout the day.

Teachers are mindful to include materials for natural math experiences when creating the environment. The house corner may have a bathroom scale and opportunities to set the table (using one-to one correspondence). Many collections of items, particularly natural items such as acorns and shells, are available for children to explore.

A variety of such materials offer children the opportunity to collect, sort, group together or classify, create patterns, and compare. While engaged in these collecting and sorting experiences, children discover the physical and quantitative relationships among the items. In a rich mathematics environment, teachers encourage children’s logical thinking processes. Teachers allow children to express logical thinking skills.

 They understand that young children’s mathematical logic is not accurate at this age.

While opportunities to expose children to math concepts occur naturally throughout the day, teachers will plan intentional math activities. Small group time offers an environment conducive to discussions and observations of children’s mathematical thinking process, sense of number, and concept of geometric shapes.

Teachers are strategic to utilize “Math Talk” throughout the day and to incorporate a variety of mathematical vocabulary words. Vocabulary words include quantity, numerals, addition, subtraction, perpendicular, parallel, etc.


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