Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities :


In this part of the program children gain a basic knowledge of science, geography, history, and diverse cultures of the world. Geography is an integral part of the Montessori curriculum and is incorporated into every aspect of our program.
The children learn many different aspects of the world using various Montessori materials that include atlases, globes, puzzle maps, flags, pictures, photographs, and videos. Awareness of other cultures is delivered through photographs, maps, and stories. Children are encouraged to bring items that belong to their cultures to share with their peers during circle time.

Culture and Science Manual

Geography - Starting with land, water and air, and progressing to studying the world's different regions through photographs, art, geo-molds and geography puzzles.

History - By examining their own timeline from birth to present, and their own family tree, children gain their first sense of history, and the concept of time is brought to life.

Botany - Assists the child in exploring the biological aspects of his environment &
Helps him develop an appreciation for the delicate balance of nature. The study of botany is child centered using live plants as a knowledge and interest catalyst.

Zoology - Children by their very nature are fascinated with animals. We learn about animals and to respect their needs, habits and characteristics.


Blackline Masters
An array of Blackline masters material to complement the Culture & Science curriculum. View a Sample Blackline Master.


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