Mathmatical Activities

Mathmatical Activities :


The purpose of our math activities is to lay the foundation for later cognitive development and to prepare children for a gradual transition to abstract thinking.

Montessori learning materials are designed to teach children about numbers and concepts step by step through a logical sequence.
This materialized abstraction method introduces quantities, first using materials (concrete) and then symbols (abstract).

This helps children to use their math skills in everyday life. Children learn to perform counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division exercises by using and handling very extensive Montessori mathematical materials such as rods, beads, spindles, cubes, cards, counters, etc.

Mathematics Manual
All activities incorporate the use of concrete materials. Children first learn to count to ten, and systematically progress to solving complex addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.

Blackline Masters
An array of Blackline masters material to complement the Mathematics curriculum. View a Sample Blackline Master.



Math Centers help a child:
-    Recognize numbers, counting items
-    Understand the relationship between a numeral and a set of objects
-    Learn that counting is both meaningful and fun
-    Understand such terms as big/little, more/less, etc
-    Recognize and name basic geometric shapes
-    Become aware of and begin to appreciate the practical uses of numbers seen around him/her every day, e.g. clocks, calendars, money, etc.



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