Practical Life Activities

Practical Life Activities :


Practical life activities are important aspects of Montessori education because they support children in learning how to perform real life activities necessary for everyday life.

Practical life tasks help children to develop gross and fine motor skills, life skills, preliminary activities, social graces and courtesies, care and respect for self and the environment.
In our program, a separate area is allocated for practical life experience activities that include pouring, spooning, sorting, stringing and dressing frames…. all which help children to learn how to button, zip, lace etc.

In perfecting practical life skills children gain confidence, concentration, a sense of order, longer attention spans, and good hand-eye co-ordination.



Practical Life Areas:
-    Encourage the children to do tasks on their own
-    Promote eye hand coordination, patience, waiting turns, etc.
-    Give opportunities for hand washing, practicing proper meal manners, grace and courtesy lessons
-    Help children explore zipping, snapping, buckling, scooping and pouring, sorting, wiping tables, using materials properly
-    Provide opportunities for pouring milk, juice, cereal; setting tables, preparing food, taste and smell comparisons, sharing.



Practical Life Manual :

Practical Life Activities: Like all of the manuals, Practical Life begins with an introduction to ensure your thorough understanding of the subject. Following the introduction, many creative time tested Practical Life activities are offered to assist the child in developing a sense of order, concentration, personal pride, independence, respect for others, fine motor skills, grace and courtesy, confidence and self esteem.


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