Sensorial Activities

Sensorial Activities :


The senses play an important role throughout life, especially during the ages between 2 to 6 years when the growth potential of the senses is very significant. Montessori sensorial exercises help children refine their senses by using specially designed materials.
Montessori sensorial materials and activities teach children to use their senses and help them understand the concepts of size, shape, composition, texture, loudness or softness, weight, temperature, etc. There are many purposes of sensorial exercises, including: preparation for mathematical mind and relationships, developing accurate observation skills, increasing the attention span, hand and eye coordination and relative understanding.


Sensorial Development & Music Enrichment

Sensorial Activities including Music: An array of activities to assist the child in understanding the information she receives from her environment. Sensorial impressions are infinite. The activities presented in this manual help the child discriminate, appreciate and understand her world. Music for the Montessori classroom is also covered.



Blackline Masters
An array of Blackline masters material to complement the Sensorial curriculum. View a Sample Blackline Master.



Manipulative/Sensorial Activities:
-    Develop small muscle coordination
-    Increase social development and communication skills
-    Foster imagination
-    Teach mathematical concepts (shapes, size, counting)
-    Provide opportunities for problem solving


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