·        To teach children a love and appreciation for books and literature

·        Books are sources of information and can answer our questions

·        Pre-reading concepts- the written word is talk written down, made with symbols; stories are read from right to left; sequencing; letter recognition; language patterns and development; new concepts and vocabulary; etc.)

·        Our library is full of books & Different stories.

Supervision and tips:

·        Children need to be taught how to handle and respect books

·        Avoid interrupting a child concentrating on a book

·        Sit with children and read, or listen to them re-tell or reenact a story

·        Other toys and materials should not be brought into the library area

·        Ask open-ended questions to encourage thinking and predicting skills.


The more you read, the more you know

The more you know, the more you grow

The more you grow, the stronger your voice

When speaking your mind, or making your choice


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