Medical Check-up

Medical Check-up::

It’s important for us to make the children have regular medical checkups even when they are not sick from the time they are born right up until they are 18. Healthy children are more likely to become healthy adults!

Your doctor will need to know your child’s medical history. Tell your doctor about any illness or other medical condition your child has. Be sure to give the doctor a list of the medicines your child takes.

At regular checkups, the doctor will make sure your child is growing and developing properly. The doctor will:

= Give your child a complete physical exam.

= Check your child’s ears, eyes and mouth.

= Make sure your child has up-to-date immunizations (shots).

= Talk to you about helping your child stay healthy.


The well-child checkup 

Making and keeping well-child checkup appointments with your child’s doctor every year will help keep your child healthy and happy.

The well-child checkup includes:

·            #  Getting a health history and developmental assessment.

·           # A complete physical exam.

·            #  Vision and hearing checkups.

·           # Lab tests.

·           # Immunizations for his age.

·           # Health education.

·           # A dental referral.

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