Baby Room:  Each baby has his or her own cot. Baby soft toys and attention of staff at all times.
Babies grow and develop rapidly during their first year. They begin to gain control of their bodies and become increasingly mobile. They learn about language by listening to adults talking and they start to make sounds and eventually their first words. They need close loving relationships with adults so that they feel safe and secure.

Our baby room offers a suitable environment where babies can play, rest and sleep. Our staff devote uninterrupted time to playing and talking with your baby. Interactions, talking and singing are really important at this stage to support your baby’s language development and to make them happy and contented.

Your baby’s key person will ensure that routines such as nappy changing and feeding and settling to sleep are opportunities for ‘one to one’ time, and are consistent with your routines at home.


Toddlers have array of toys and activities to stimulate their mind and to explore new ways of life and participate with other children.

Parents are assured that their children however small, will be loved and cared for whilst keeping in mind the values and traditions of home.

Children can also have fun pretending – dressing up and playing with dolls and teddies. They develop their physical skills on ‘sit and ride’ toys, pushing trolleys and our ‘Community Playthings’ play gym.

There are lots of puzzles, shape sorters and games to enjoy while they develop their fine motor skills.We consider it important to have close contact with parents for individual needs of every child.


Social and Emotional Development:

helping your child to develop the skills and knowledge to understand the world in which they live; using encounters, creatures, people, plants and objects in ‘real-life’ situations and undertaking practical experiments.

Communication, Language and Literacy:

helping your child to develop confidence and competence in speaking and listening; being read to and beginning to read and write and all of this is learning through Numbers, letters, shapes, colors and working sheets.

Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:

helping your child to develop an understanding of problem solving and reasoning principals through exploring, practicing, enjoying and talking.

Knowledge and Understanding of the world:

helping your child to develop the skills and knowledge which helps them to understand the world in which they live; using encounters, creatures, people, plants and objects in ‘real-life’ situations, undertaking practical experiments.

Physical Development:

helping your child become active and interactive; improving their skills of control, manipulation and movement; using all their senses to learn about the world around them; the importance of physical activity and healthy eating choices.


helping your child to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings, in a variety of art, music, movement, design and technology disciplines, through imaginative and role play based activities.

Communication, Language and Literacy

covers many different skills. Early letter recognition is encouraged through the use of puzzles, tracing, handwriting patterns and sandpaper letters as well as identifying letter sounds in familiar words. When a child is ready he or she is taught phonic letter sounds.

The children are helped to develop their emergent writing skills and build up their pencil control through a variety of practical activities and games.

Speaking and listening activities develop vocabulary and the understanding of how language and interaction works.

Enjoyment and appreciation of books and stories is fostered through a variety of auditory and pictorial work, as well as dance and drama sessions.


Mathematical Development

as with language development includes many different skills and is very much an ongoing practical process. Mathematical understanding is developed through stories, songs, puzzles, games and imaginative play. Children are encouraged to experiment and investigate for themselves, whilst being guided through planned activities.