The daily program of CMA  is designed to deliver variety and flexibility, especially for children who spend long hours with us. It consists of mainly the Montessori curriculum, some major aspects of  play based curriculum. and ample time for practical daily needs of young children. These include time for solitary work, group play, music, art, snacks and meals, outdoor play, and napping.

Order and routine are the two main elements fostered in our program.
We provide the best care for your children. we do not only provide lots of activities and entertainment , but also a healthy environment with a good educational program. if you are seeking a proper place where we offer ultimate care to your child , Chunky Monkey Academy provides it .

This is what we have to offer you :

*  English, French language , art, crafts , games, music, songs and drawing

*  Weekly trips

* Parties videos

* Swimming pool

*  Medical Check-up

*  3 meals per day (Breakfast/lunch/snack)

*  We accept kids from 3 months to 6 years

*   Working days from Sunday till Thursday

*  Working hours from 8 am till 5 pm

*  Transportation are provided