Instilling values Developing Acceptance:

Teachers play an important role in modeling values. At The Academy for Young Children, we believe in instilling the basic value of respect for others and materials. Teachers support families as they instill family values. As values are very personal and not necessarily dependent on a particular culture, teachers need to become aware of what values families wish to instill in their child.

Ongoing communication between home and school is important to support each others values. Teachers utilize opportunities throughout the year. The first annual family conference is a strategic first time to communicate with families about values.

 To maintain the Academy’s philosophy in regard to the classroom environment, birthday charts posted on classroom walls are not appropriate. In Following  best practices, teachers encourage meaningful experiences for children by listing a birthday on a ‘real’ calendar posted in the classroom for reference. Children can then anticipate their birthday during That  month.

Teachers are encouraged to share with families the birthday celebration guidelines during the Open House at the beginning of the year.