Vision & Mission

Our Vision

• Chunky Monkey Academy is the first choice for parents, children and staff and is viewed as a beacon of excellence within and beyond the local area.

•Our institution actively promotes equal opportunity in every aspect of its work and is regarded as the Most suitable Academy for every family in our Academy community.

• Chunky Monkey Academy provides the highest levels of care, education, and other services, and our staff work effectively together as one team in the interests of the children, their families and the community.

•The way our staff team works together acts as an inspiration and as a model for the behavior and relationships of the children and adults with whom we work.

Our Mission

To enable every child to reach their full potential and for them, their families and our staff to feel happy and proud to be part of Chunky Monkey Academy. We work together to enhance children’s self esteem and encourage high levels of respect and care as well as excellent academic standards.