Birthday Parties                                                          

Monthly Birthdays for the kids in a special month.

Birthdays are an appropriate special day to recognize at school. Birthdays are recognized with a small treat after lunch. The birthday treat is supplied by the family and can be a cupcake or other favorite treat such as muffins or brownies.

 A family member is welcome to join the group for lunch and sharing of the treat. Special treat items can be stored in school for a child with an allergy or other dietary restriction tobe shared on days a birthday is recognized.

Goodie bags, birthday celebration items, or celebration activities should not be part of the birthday recognition at school. Teachers encourage families to avoid distributing birthday invitations to their child’s classmates at school.

Invitations and thank you notes should be distributed by families outside  of the Academy .

>>Hiring the Indoor area with a large party room fully equipped with sound system and banquet table. Huge outside area, play equipment and our fabulous swimming pool. A full two hours for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves.  Additional packages are available.

So with your permission we like to celebrate the children’s birthdays in the Academy. We are conscious of the damage that sweet things do your children’s teeth and general health, so we have a pretend cake for the child to blow out.

If you want to bring some food in for your child to share with the other children, Please bring a few pieces of fruit.


Chunky Monkey Academy is always known with its different events that makes our kids enjoy their day.

Such as ( Colour day/ Monthly birthdays for kids/ Mother’s day/ Easter/ Chunky Monkey Anniversary)