Our Improvment Plan:

Although we are a successful kids Academy we always strive to improve. Each year we produce a written plan which focuses on certain areas we want to develop further. We believe that things are much more likely to happen if they are carefully planned and written down, so detailed actions and timings for the different parts of the plan, together with targets, success criteria and responsibilities have been formalized and shared with all staff .

We constantly evaluate all aspects of our working practices and the services we offer, both formally and informally. As a result, we believe we know our strengths and weaknesses very well, and, after full consultation with all staff and with Governors, the following Improvement Plan has been agreed.

This year we will be concentrating on 8 areas of improvement.
The areas of improvement are as follows, in no particular order:-

1. To further develop and improve the quality of learning environment.
2. To embed our recent improvements in delivering the Letters and Sounds program.
3. To review existing “homework” and increase the scope and range of home learning activities.
4. To raise achievement for all children by considering the impact of gender on learning.
5. To further develop Children’s Centre Services.
6. To further develop an international dimension to the Academy.