Parents are the first and on-going educators of their children and, as such, must receive information and support to help develop their children’s all round development.  We encourage our parents to be actively involved in their preschoolers care and education.  Parents know their children better than any other person; therefore, we welcome parents as an active member of our team.  We build effective relationships based on mutual respect, manner, opinions and values.

We rely on parents to inform us how your children are developing at home, the same way parents appreciate receiving all appropriate Academyinformation regarding their children’s Academy days.  Academy Managers and teachers actively keep parents informed of their children’s daily activities and routines.  We also keep parents informed via our Academy Topic Letters And Fortnightly Diaries .

Along with daily updates from the Academy Managers and Teachers, at the end of each Academyterm parents will receive their children’s Academy portfolio. These special Chunky Monkey Academy folders contain ‘Learning Stories’ which we use as our physical form of early child-care assessment.  Using photographic support we write stories to your children detailing their individual learning that he or she has achieved.

Our regular Academy Parent and Teacher meetings keep parents informed and are a great time for parents to personally receive answers to their queries or concerns regarding their children.

Our children love to have their Mums and or Dads in their classrooms.   Parents are always welcome to join our Academyday for contributing their expertise and experiences and share these with the Academy children through their – storytelling, baking, play dough, painting or any other fun activities that we enjoy throughout our Academy day.